The International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (ICEED) is a non-profit organization that provides relevant information and research on national and international energy issues. ICEED, founded in 1974, continues its mission of disseminating global views of energy usage, sustainability, economic growth, and development through four avenues:

1) ICEED’S ENERGY & AREA CONFERENCES: These conferences are among the most well-established of their type. Representatives from 40-plus countries have joined in these informal exchanges of information among government officials, business leaders, and academia to discuss current trends in energy markets. The 41st Annual International Energy Conference was held April 27-30, 2014 in Boulder, Colorado.

2) THE JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND DEVELOPMENT: ICEED has published The Journal of Energy and Development since 1975. This biannual periodical covers international energy and development issues offering perspectives from authors around the world. Articles focus on energy-related topics, conservation, the environment, hydrocarbon development and management, alternative energy, sustainable economic development, macroeconomic trends, and policies of energy-producing and consuming countries. Past volumes and articles are now available for purchase at  Volume 38, joint issue of numbers 1 and 2, has been shipped to subscribers in November 2013. Volume 39, joint issue of numbers 1 and 2 will be shipped to subscribers in June/July 2014.

Our featured articles for volumed 38, numbers 1 & 2 can be downloaded at the links below:

“The Relationship between Energy and U.S. GDP: A Multivariate Vector Error-Correction Model,” by Amarendra Sharma and Cassondra Bruce

“Causal Nexus of Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth: Evidence for Eight Selected Asian Countries,” by Matiur Rahman and Prashanta K. Banerjee

3) ICEED’S OCCASIONAL PAPERS & BOOKS: ICEED’s occasional papers series provides timely works by leaders in the fields of energy and the environment. Topics include the development of alternative energy, markets and deregulation, geopolitics, energy supply security, and environmental trends.

4) PRIVATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH: ICEED undertakes specific research studies on a variety of energy-related topics. We have provided briefings to clients on U.S. energy policy and regulation, oil and gasoline price forecasts, shale and non-conventional energy development, among other topics. For briefings, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Contact information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it phone:  303-442-4014 (inside the U.S.)        fax:   303-442-5042

Mailing address: ICEED, 850 Willowbrook Rd., Boulder, CO, 80302, U.S.A.


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