The International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (ICEED) is a non-profit organization that provides relevant information and research on national and international energy issues. ICEED, founded in 1974, continues its mission of disseminating global views of energy usage, sustainability, economic growth, and development through four avenues:

1) ICEED’S ENERGY CONFERENCES: These conferences are among the most well-established of their type. Representatives from 40-plus countries have joined in these informal exchanges of information among government officials, business leaders, and academia to discuss current trends in energy markets. Since 1974 the ICEED has been organizing conferences unique in the mix of attendees and participants: high-ranking representatives and specialists in industry, finance, and national/multinational governmental agencies.  The sessions are noted for their valuable contacts as well as the formal and informal exchange of views and data. Attendance at these conferences is by invitation and reservation only; attendees are sent by their respective agencies, companies, or institutions.

Announcing the

44th ICEED Annual International Energy Conference

to be held April 23-26, 2017

at the St Julien Hotel in Boulder, Colorado

To receive the ICEED conference hotel room rates, please book through the  St Julien Hotel Reservation Link

Note that due to size constraints you cannot register online for this event, please contact us at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 303-442-4014 to register or for additional information

The 44th Annual International Energy Conference will address the following topics:

•  What are the ramifications of the current oil price level and are more structural changes ensuing?

•  What are the short-, medium-, and longer-term outlooks for oil prices?

•  What are the global economic forces driving energy prices (both oil and natural gas) and will they continue their current trends?

•  How are oil and gas producers responding to this period of sustained lower prices?

•  For non-OPEC suppliers, how will Canadian, U.S., Latin American, and Russian production be affected?

•  For OPEC suppliers, what will be the impacts of current prices? How does production from Iran, Iraq, and Libya factor into the equation?

•  How is U.S. shale production managing in the current oil price environment?

•  Who are the winners and losers in the current energy price environment? What are the potential ramifications for the renewable energy and transportation sectors?

•  What are the implications of a change from the Obama Administration to the Trump Administration vis-à-vis policies on U.S. energy and climate change/environmental regulations?

•  How will government energy policies and climate change/environmental regulations alter the future of the automotive and energy industries?

•  How will Brexit, threats to renegotiate NAFTA, and the development of other regional trading blocs and treaties affect energy commerce in the EU, North America, Latin America, and Asia?

•  How are geopolitical drivers shaping and being shaped by the today’s energy prices and can energy security issues be adequately addressed?


2) THE JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND DEVELOPMENT: ICEED has published The Journal of Energy and Development since 1975. This biannual periodical covers international energy and development issues offering perspectives from authors around the world. Articles focus on energy-related topics, conservation, the environment, hydrocarbon development and management, alternative energy, sustainable economic development, macroeconomic trends, and policies of energy-producing and consuming countries. Past volumes and articles are now available for purchase at  Volume 41, joint issue of numbers 1 and 2 has been been published and shipped to subscribers as of November 2017.


3) ICEED’S OCCASIONAL PAPERS & BOOKS: ICEED’s occasional papers series provides timely works by leaders in the fields of energy a


4) PRIVATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH: ICEED undertakes specific research studies on a variety of energy-related topics. We have provided briefings to clients on U.S. energy policy and regulation, oil and gasoline price forecasts, shale and non-conventional energy development, among other topics. For briefings, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Contact information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it phone:  303-442-4014 (inside the U.S.)        fax:   303-442-5042

Mailing address: ICEED, 850 Willowbrook Rd., Boulder, CO, 80302, U.S.A.


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